De Beers Forevermark cocktail event on the eve of MFW

Milan Fashion Week

On the eve of Milan Fashion Week, De Beers Forevermark held an exclusive cocktail event within the prestigious and historic Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

Previewing the 2017 De Beers Forevermark Trend Report, the event was attended by international media and influencers, including Hong Kong style blogger Cara G and Chinese actress Yu Feihong. See the stunning De Beers Forevermark diamond looks from the evening, beautifully contrasted by the historic and romantic setting.

To mark the occasion, De Beers Forevermark worked with British installation artist Rebecca Louise Law to create a unique bespoke piece that was unveiled at the event, ‘White, 2016’. Rebecca is best known for using flora in her work, and the belief that no natural material should be wasted along with the endurance of nature is intrinsic to every piece she creates. This thought for nature that runs throughout Rebecca’s artwork reflects the inherent beauty, absolute integrity and eternal qualities of De Beers Forevermark diamonds.

It took 800 hours of labour to intricately intertwine the flowers using Rebecca’s signature copper wire. Suspended above a beautiful Italian courtyard, Rebecca has utilised the natural light to create a unique experience for the audience, evoking the sense of standing in a field of diamonds.



The beautiful setting, and the artwork’s theme of nature’s endurance was synonymous with De Beers Forevermark’s passion for sourcing only the most beautiful diamonds, along with our commitment to responsible sourcing. 

What makes this installation so unique is the thought for nature and forever. What I’m always striving to do with my work is portray flowers in a way which is unique and has never been seen before. 

I’d love the message of this installation to be about where natural materials come from. For myself, and De Beers Forevermark, the ethical sourcing of materials is important to us. We are taking the flowers down after it has been installed and creating more artworks with it.


Forever for me is that impossible goal that you are striving to get to in life, it is something that I am continually wanting to do within my artwork. - Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law - 'WHITE 2016'

De Beers Forevermark worked with British installation artist Rebecca Louise Law to create a unique bespoke piece that was unveiled at the event.

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